Sneak Preview of “Lance Hardwick Mysteries”

Cthulhu Boobs Coming soonHere is the Opening to the First Episode!

Remember this is supposed to be a 1947 Radio Serial!

Coming in October 2014!

Jeff Niles and I at the 4077th have two brand new productions coming in October for Halloween.

POEticLicense“POEtic License” is a whimsical story about how Edgar Allen Poe, with a bad case of Writer’s Block, created “The Raven”!

And a Brand New series called “Lance Hardwick Mysteries”!

Cthulhu Boobs Coming soon“Her Kisses Were Steamy But… OH, Those Cthulhu Boobs!” is a three episode story which is told as a 1947 Radio Serial! It will be presented in Mono with limited FX and music. This is a NEW continuing series from the 4077th filled with lots of Sexual Innuendos and Double Entendres! Jeff plays Lance Hardwick (The Americanized version of his original name Lazer Horowitz) a sort of Paranormal Investigator/Gumshoe and Yiddisha Detective! His sidekick is Dick Reardon (played by Viktor Aurelius) is a young stupid klutz who Lance continually abuses for his amusement but says it’s to teach the boy to someday be a GREAT Investigator like his Idol and Boss. In this first adventure Lance and Dick, along with their drowsy receptionist Gay Schlafen (which means “Go to Sleep” in Yiddish, played by Rachel Rumler) and Agent Ace Stompers, an inept Government Special Agent (played by Jonithan Patrick Russell) will try to discover why young men are being found dead after they were seen on a date with a Voluptuous Blonde woman named Betty! Little do they know, Betty’s breasts are POSSESSED by EVIL and are FROM BEYOND the understanding of Humanity! They are also able to suck the life out of men who are unfortunate enough to be lured by her sexual charms!

More stories will follow in this comedy series which parodies classic Serials from the Golden Age of Radio! Lance will soon battle Nazis, The Red Menace, Monsters, Aliens and others who are trying to destroy America!

A VERY special thanks goes out to Jeff Ö’Brien for the inspiration to create this first adventure! He talked about “Cthulhu Boobs” on my radio show and Jeff Niles and I ran with the idea! I would LOVE to see what he comes up with! He is the man behind Big Boobenstein and “Splatterhouse Rules“.

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We released more episodes of Victoria! Empress of the Universe! My Steampunk inspired Sci-Fi Adventure series where Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are sent to Mars by Queen Victoria to solve a mystery!


June 2013 – Episode 3 – The Thorns of a Dilemma

Feb 2014 – Episode 4 – The Empty Spaceship

June 2014 – Episode 5 – Battle Royal – Knight Takes Red Queen


In September 2013 we released “Two-Thirty Appointment”

We all hate going to the Doctor. We worry and stress about it. Andrew Brockford has an appointment with Doctor Campbell at 2:30. Andrew likes him and feels better after his visits. So why should we worry? Perhaps after you hear Andrew’s tale… you may want to reconsider YOUR next appointment!


October 2013 we released “Clucks at Night” a quirky tale about a Vampire Rooster based on the short story written by Rocky Karlage.


Feb 2014 we released “Jeff Niles Presents: She Wore a Soul Razor on Her Thigh” my Futuristic Noir Detective tale!


March 2014 we released “Jeff Niles Presents: GRAVITAS”:

Gravitas (ˈɡrævɪˌtæs) n 1. seriousness, solemnity, or importance
2. a dramatic story set on a dead world. A lone survivor deals with his own Mortality – as well as his Humanity.


May 2014 we released “Jeff Niles Presents: The Oz Job“. A modern retelling of the Wizard of Oz story told as a Casino Heist! Rated R for Adult Language, Sexual References and Violence.


And finally I was involved in wonderful comedy piece! “Doctor Watson and the Unwelcome Critique” where I play Mr. Fotherwell from The Strand Magazine!


It was a companion piece to the Lost Pilot Episode of the Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes Series that final surfaced after MANY years! “Sherlock Holmes and the Taxing Problem”


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Finale of “Behold the Beauty” released

The third and final episode of “Behold the Beauty” has been released. This Adult Fairy tale written by Megan Hussey has been a roller coaster of emotions from the beginning. It is rated NC-17 and contains sexual content, but it is a wonderful story of love, equality and understanding with the moral: How a person is perceived is not necessarily who or what they truly are.

Megan’s story is like the classic “Beauty and the Beast” tale but told from a different point-of-view. A handsome Prince meets a woman whose beauty and love are over-flowing from the inside, but her fiery red hair, her earthy demeanor and her magical healing ways are not what “civilized society” would deem as “lady-like”. The Prince recognizes her for what and who she truly is…. a caring, wonderful woman that he wants to know and love. But when these stories are told, you know there are always forces at play against such happiness.

Visit the 4077th and listen to the series:


Behold the Beauty – Episode 2

All Better Audio and the 4077th just released Episode 2 of “Behold the Beauty”, the Adult (NC-17 rated) Audio Production based on the story by Megan Hussey.

It is a 3-Episode “Beauty and the Beast” story in reverse!

Go to the 4077th’s website and listen to parts one and two…. ONLY if you are 17 and above! It does contain Adult/Sexual content.

Season Finale of Lilith’s Children Sept 5, 2012

Episode Ten – The Season Finale of “Lilith’s Children” will premier on Wednesday September 5, 2012. It has been nearly a year since the series began on September 7, 2011!

I have been anxiously awaiting the completion of this series. It’s been over a year of work and I am VERY pleased with what I accomplished.

The Cast was FANTASTIC!!!  Everybody in the story was wonderful!

Michael Breckenridge as the “Voice of God” who was the Narrator! I had said in interviews that this was the case. He was God, he was also 2 different Priests in the story. So he was the Voice of God. He also played Crane the Helicopter pilot.

Gary Washington as Elias the Rogue Angel. Gary and I first met through Patrick Thornsberry and his Animated work “Ninja Cat”. Gary played Ninja Cat and I played his nemesis The Evil Doctor Dog! I knew when I heard Gary’s voice that I wanted him to play the role of Elias. He has such a hard-edged voice and he had that “Noire” quality I wanted in the Rogue Angel – sort of a Detective with Angel Wings that does not take any crap from anybody!

Lesa Dyer-Cross played the Succubus Grace SO WELL! In real life Lesa is an extremely talented Poet and Writer. She is beautiful inside and out. But when she turns on her charms and amps it up with a bit of Mae West she is so Sexy! Lesa has been on my “Whispers in the Dark” Blog Talk Radio Show several times and listening to her voice I knew that she would be the PERFECT Grace! This was her first time as an actress and she was EXCELLENT! Everyone thought she had acted in the past. Perhaps in a previous life, because she channeled it when she played Grace!

H. Keith Lyons played Teddy in Episodes 1 through Episode 7. Keith sent me an audition for Teddy without me having to tell him how I though Teddy should sound and he WAS Teddy! I was SO impressed! Also the ad-libs and outtakes were hilarious and a BIT dirty! LOL! It was a real pleasure! Keith was one of the first professional actors that was brought into the cast and he was amazing! Unfortunately his schedule was unable to accommodate more episodes and we had to re-cast the role for the remaining 3 episodes of Season One.

M. Sieiro Garcia who played the Angel Arakiel was WONDERFUL in the role! She completely made the role her own. She gave me SO much material to use. Most actors give 3 readings of a line. She gave me more and each time was better and better! She was amazing and I really am glad she was involved in this series. When I wrote Arakiel I really wasn’t sure how I wanted the character to sound. I knew she was tough and business-like. A no Nonsense kind of Angel. She had been imprisoned and released with the goal of tracking down an Angel-Gone-Bad…  but she soon learned that Elias was not a Bad Angel, he was on a mission for good. M. Sieiro Garcia out-did herself!

Frank DeF played Lucifer. Frank had been on my radio show several times and if you hear those episodes you will realize that Frank was NOT playing a character. I wanted him to play Lucifer as himself. I knew early in the writing that I wanted characters to NOT be what you would expect. Angels were tough, Demons could Care, but Lucifer was a character that I wanted to be most different. Usually he is played smooth and velvet-voiced. Frank played him more Down-to-Earth and more like an average guy, more like a Boss. Although we all know that it is a facade  because Lucifer was out to get what he wants. Even in this story, Lucifer was one step ahead of everybody else, and was out for his interests. Frank is a Writer and a Poet and a Genius! Each word he writes has Volumes of information behind them.

Jeff Niles played the Mysterious Stranger and then he was called Sir, but then eventually we learn he is the Arch-Angel Raziel who has his OWN plans for the Universe! BWAH HA HA!  Jeff did SUCH a wonderful job as the Evil and Insane Raziel! I absolutely LOVED his Evil Laughter in each Episode! I had no doubt that Jeff would be the perfect Raziel and he surpassed my expectations. Jeff and I have been friends and business partners for a year now. We both work on projects for the 4077th and we created All Better Audio! Jeff and I work well together. He is the perfect IDEAS man! We bounce stories and ideas off of each other on a daily basis. We have several NEW series arriving soon and our past ones are doing well! Lilith was our first but we also produced “Victoria! Empress of the Universe!” which is a spin-off of his Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes but set in the Steam Punk Universe! Plus there is more coming soon! Three new Series before the end of the year!

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard played Lanaia the Earth Spirit. Lanaia was based on my dear friend Lanaia Lee – who protects those of the Dark Realms! Gwen played Lanaia better than I had imagined! She is a fantastic actress and a DEAR sweet friend. She is one of the most dependable people that Jeff and I know. We know that every role she performs will be on-time and beyond our expectations!That’s why we ask her to be involved in almost every project. Her southern charm as Lanaia was beautiful. I wanted Lanaia to be sweet and kind but also a strong and powerful force of Good and basically Mother Nature or Gaia. Her sisters Lenore (the power of Balance on Earth) and their sister Lilith (The force of Chaos on Earth) were always fighting one another with one another. Lenore trying to Lessen Lilith’s Wrath and allowing Lenore time to Heal the World’s damage.

Julian Bane played the Mercenary Treasure-Hunter, Jaxon Tanner. I planned for the character to be a modern day Indiana Jones but this character was MORE than Indy! He possessed a character that was beyond all other men. He would have made a GREAT Green Lantern! But the Ring that Jaxon finds is more powerful and any Ring from the Guardians. This Ring was forged by the Arch-Angel Michael and given to King Solomon. It was created to control Demons to build the Temple of Solomon but it also allowed the wearer a Much more important power! Julian was the ONLY choice for this role. I heard him in several Doctor Who audio stories and I knew his voice was perfect! Jaxon was Tough and a bit Fool-Hardy…. but he loved his girlfriend Nyssa Ravid. So I needed someone who could convey all that range! And Julian was the only one. The tenderness in his voice when he was with Nyssa in the story will bring a tear to your eye.

Natalie Van Sistine played the Archeologist in the team of Mercenaries hired by Sir Raziel. Nyssa is very intelligent and knows many languages and forms of writing. She is an expert in history, mythology and religious studies. Natalie played the role perfectly. Her charming wit and her chemistry with Julian Bane was phenomenal. Every scene that they played felt absolutely real. You cared for these people because they sounded like they were in love and you felt sorrow when they were hurt and you cried when they kissed. I am looking forward to more adventures with the Mercenary Team in the second season of Lilith’s Children. They will be back!

Kurt Bergeron played Roberto Diaz in several episodes and also played the Arch-Angel Michael in Episode 10. Kurt is another professional actor who brings so much to his roles. He went from the rough Hispanic gunner Diaz, to the Arch-Angel Michael. He is a true professional in ever sense of the word. He surpassed my expectations! I can’t wait to have him in more episodes next year.

Radiah Nunez played Lenore, the Spirit of Balance. I met Dia on another Radio show and instantly fell in love with her joy and spirit! She was exactly what I was looking for in the character of Lenore. I wanted her to be completely different that her sisters. She needed to be free-spirited and open minded, full of creativity and fair. Dia played all of that SO well!

Sally Wiget played Lilith. Although Lilith is mentioned in the title and mentioned in the narrations and the story, she didn’t appear until the middle of the series. Jeff suggested Sally as Lilith and he was correct to do so! I wanted Lilith to be opinionated, loud and a real Bitch, but she also was caring of her creatures and her sisters. Sally was perfect in the role! She completely surprised me because I did not know what to expect. She was wonderful in the role! The sisters played off of each other exactly as I had planned.

Michael Romero who played Ricardo the Werewolf was the character before I had even written the role! Michael writes romantic Vampire/Lycan stories with himself as the Werewolf! I knew he had to play this character! Michael has been on my radio show a few times and I asked him if he was interested in being in my series. He had never acted and he was a bit shy, but he did a great job as the quiet unassuming romantic husband to Contessa Tabitha Campbello. Michael is also in another series of mine “Victoria! Empress of the Universe” as the First Mate on a Pirate Space Ship!

Lisa Dousharm played the Contessa Tabitha. Tabitha is a Vampire who has lived for a very long time. She and Ricardo have been married for over 500 years and she was the actual Mona Lisa! Our Lisa played her with grace and charm and the elegance of a Countess! She had the kindness and love that the role needed and she was a great and welcomed addition to our cast!

I was SO lucky to have this cast of actors in my series! Thank you ALL for making my dream come true!

“Lilith’s Children” Ep 9 & “Victoria!” Ep 1 premiers AND more to come!

I am very excited that Episode 9 of “Lilith’s Children” premiered last week.

That means there is ONLY one episode left for the season. I am hoping that the Season Finale will premier around the time that Episode 1 premiered last year… Early September! If you need to catch up on the series here is the entire season so far:

My new series “Victoria! Empress of the Universe” premiered just yesterday.

Make sure to listen to “Episode Zero” The Teaser for the series. It sets the mood of the  Steam Punk Universe that we’ve created.  Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are NOW in a world filled with Robots, Space Ships and a Monarch who will eventually Rule Space! Holmes (Jeff Niles) and Watson (Elie Hirschman) have jumped into this storyline from their original roles in MOSH “The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes”. They are BOTH wonderful in their own world, but now in a Victorian Steam Punk World with “Internet”, “Computers” and “Futuristic and Exotic Weapons” they will have MUCH more to contend with and defeat!

Next week…. Another NEW series premiers!  “Behold the Beauty”!  (AND there are TWO MORE SERIES COMING in October!)

This Series is only 3 Episodes but I am sure Megan Hussey will consider writing a sequel one day!

Now to give you FAIR Warning… this is an Adult Fairy Tale! It contains Adult Situations and Sexual Content so it is rated NC-17.

New Episode and THREE New Series!

Episode 8 of Lilith’s Children premiered April 30, 2012 - Episode 9 premiers by the end of May and then the HUGE Season Finale with Episode 10 in JUNE!

And I added a new page to my site for the upcoming series “The Afterlife: Death and Other Inconveniences” written by Bambi Harris, audioplay by Viktor Aurelius. Visit Bambi Harris – The Afterlife Series

And last night on “Whispers in the Dark” we premiered a preview for a short series that will be coming soon! “Behold the Beauty” by Megan Hussey.  Listen to the first 4 minutes here

PLUS another short series – a two episode story named “THE OZ JOB” — Shhhhhh! It’s secret!

Oh that isn’t all of it… don’t forget we will be premiering “Victoria! Empress of the Universe” soon too!!!!  WOW! I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!!