Happy Holidays! More audios!

Merry Christmas and Happy Yuletide blessings!

I did a sequel to last year’s Sultry Dalek Christmas episode for my friends at Dream Realm Enterprises. I LOVE doing them. More episodes are planned for 2016! Here are both Sultry Dalek Christmas episodes:
I also did two Christmas “Songs” this year.
One was released last week. It has a Dark twist (V””V): http://viktoraurelius.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Vampire_Christmas_Song.mp3
And the other is my rendition of “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” (with some help from my buddy Jeff Niles​) : http://viktoraurelius.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Mr_Grinch.mp3

Two Sides and a new Lance Hardwick story!

I have been busy producing, folks! We released a new “Two Sides to Every Story”! The series was created by Vince Stadon and there hasn’t been a new episode in quite a while, so over a year ago I heard about the new Batman vs. Superman movie coming in 2016 and it dawned on me to do a story from both of their points of view! It also gives a reason WHY they would fight each other too. LOL!

2 Sides Superman and Batman1Visit the 4077th for more info:


   Also we released the first part of a three part story for Lance Hardwick – the 1940’s Yiddisher Detective Old-Tine Radio serial: “Mishuganas from Space!”. Part 1 is on the 4077th site and I just completed Part 2 for release on July 3rd!


“Atomic Playboy” released!

Atomic Playboy Final with Rating


Written by Mark Slade!

Here are the 2 Teaser Graphics for the production:

AtomicTeaser_Final Atomic Playboy Coming Soon 1_Final

Updates on our Productions since Christmas

I have been quite busy doing audio projects with the 4077th and All Better audio. Here is a list of what has been released before today.

Lance Hardwick Presents: The CHannukah CHorror


Lance CH CH_final

Beginning in January 2015 we began producing stories written by Mark Slade!

Visit his website: http://bloodydreadful.blogspot.com/

SEEING RED (Jan 2015)



ELIXIR (March 2015)



And our latest being released TODAY! A post will follow shortly.


Here are the Teaser Graphics!


Atomic Playboy Coming Soon 1_Final

Our latest productions and one more to come for 2014!

After we released “Poetic License”, the 4077th released the newest “Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes” 2-Part story: The Misadventure of the Devil’s Whisper”!




Then we released our sequel to the 2012 Holiday Treat “A Christmas Horror”!



Next is coming our next “Lance Hardwick Mysteries” episode just in time for Channukah!

Lance CH CH_final

“POEtic License” has Premiered!


Our FOURTH production for Halloween has Premiered! You can now enjoy “Jeff Niles Presents: POEtic License”! http://the4077th.blogspot.com/2014/10/jeff-niles-presents-poetic-license.html and if you haven’t listened to all THREE parts of “Lance Hardwick Mysteries: Her Kisses Were Steamy but… Oh, Those Cthulhu Boobs” they are found here: http://the4077th.blogspot.com/p/lance-hardwick-mysteries.html We decided to create comedies for Halloween! Enjoy!

Lance Hardwick’s first story is complete! And WIKI news!

All three episodes of “Her Kisses Were Steamy but… Oh, Those Cthulhu Boobs” have been released!

Go here to listen to them all!



Also we are creating a WIKI for fans to learn more about our characters! You will soon be able to read about the people who populate our worlds and the actors who play thems: http://4077th-all-better-audio.wikia.com/wiki/4077th_/_All_Better_Audio_Wiki

Lance Hardwick PREMIERED today!


“Lance Hardwick Mysteries: Her Kisses Were Steamy but… Oh, Those Cthulhu Boobs!” – Our new series! It’s a 1947 Radio Mystery!

Go to the 4077th and listen to Episode One!

And go to our Lance Hardwick Page for MORE!

Make sure to “Like” Lance Hardwick on Facebook too!

Lance will be posting exclusive messages on Facebook. How can he do that from 1947? Listen to Episode TWO on Oct 8th and find out!

Sneak Preview of “Lance Hardwick Mysteries”

Cthulhu Boobs Coming soonHere is the Opening to the First Episode!

Remember this is supposed to be a 1947 Radio Serial!

Coming in October 2014!

Jeff Niles and I at the 4077th have two brand new productions coming in October for Halloween.

POEticLicense“POEtic License” is a whimsical story about how Edgar Allen Poe, with a bad case of Writer’s Block, created “The Raven”!

And a Brand New series called “Lance Hardwick Mysteries”!

Cthulhu Boobs Coming soon“Her Kisses Were Steamy But… OH, Those Cthulhu Boobs!” is a three episode story which is told as a 1947 Radio Serial! It will be presented in Mono with limited FX and music. This is a NEW continuing series from the 4077th filled with lots of Sexual Innuendos and Double Entendres! Jeff plays Lance Hardwick (The Americanized version of his original name Lazer Horowitz) a sort of Paranormal Investigator/Gumshoe and Yiddisha Detective! His sidekick is Dick Reardon (played by Viktor Aurelius) is a young stupid klutz who Lance continually abuses for his amusement but says it’s to teach the boy to someday be a GREAT Investigator like his Idol and Boss. In this first adventure Lance and Dick, along with their drowsy receptionist Gay Schlafen (which means “Go to Sleep” in Yiddish, played by Rachel Rumler) and Agent Ace Stompers, an inept Government Special Agent (played by Jonithan Patrick Russell) will try to discover why young men are being found dead after they were seen on a date with a Voluptuous Blonde woman named Betty! Little do they know, Betty’s breasts are POSSESSED by EVIL and are FROM BEYOND the understanding of Humanity! They are also able to suck the life out of men who are unfortunate enough to be lured by her sexual charms!

More stories will follow in this comedy series which parodies classic Serials from the Golden Age of Radio! Lance will soon battle Nazis, The Red Menace, Monsters, Aliens and others who are trying to destroy America!

A VERY special thanks goes out to Jeff Ö’Brien for the inspiration to create this first adventure! He talked about “Cthulhu Boobs” on my radio show and Jeff Niles and I ran with the idea! I would LOVE to see what he comes up with! He is the man behind Big Boobenstein and “Splatterhouse Rules“.

Visit our website at the 4077th for all of our Productions: http://the4077th.blogspot.com/